Monday, 28 June 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow suffering brittle bone disease

Reported in the Daily Mail on 26th June. It seems that poor Gwyneth may be at risk of osteoporosis following a bone scan which indicated low levels of calcium. Spectulation that this may have been caused by the 'extreme diets' she has followed in the past.

Brittle bone disease and osteoporosis are serious debilitating diseases and a lack of calcium in our diets has been linked. The trend has been quietly increasing over the last decade and a staggering $17bn was spent in treatment and hospitalisation in the USA back in 2001.

For more information contact National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Jennifer Capriati hospitalised after suspected OD

Rushed to hospital after a call to paramedics for a possible overdose.

Jennifer, a former World No 1 last played professionally back in 2004 and has been dogged by injury and self esteem issues. It has been confirmed since that she is ok.